I don’t like the touch of other people. I don’t like the way my skin rubs against theirs, sometimes stickling together like limpet and whale. I don’t like the heat of the other body. The whole concept of having someone’s arms wrapped tightly around my body sounds downright claustrophobic. So why, after my body screams ‘no! don’t touch me! It hurts!’ for years does it feel good when a child hugs me. I don’t mean it in a pedophile way, but the fact still stands. I had a young girl come up to me and thank me with a hug, suitable payment for helping her cut out her badly-drawn Garados and stick it to her beach drawing. I was expecting to feel extremely uncomfortable, maybe even gently push her away. I was not, however, expecting to see my arms wrapped tightly around her little body before I realized what it was that I was doing.

I’m not 100% sure what the difference between a gown woman hugging me and this little girl is, but I’m pretty sure it comes down to a couple things. Firstly, the little girl gave me no choice in the matter, as well as little – no warning, so I didn’t have the time to work myself up into my usual frenzied state. The little girl had no ulterior motive. No rhyme or reason to hug me other than the pure thought of thanking me. Adults these days seem to always act with another purpose in mind. Whether they’re only helping you to further their career, or doing a good deed sot hey don’t feel as weighted own by the bad things they’ve done in the past. Maybe it’s because I hate being used. I want to be – no- should be more important to a person. I hate the thought of being manipulated, hate being manipulated badly even more (seriously. If you’re going to bother at all, at least try a little). I will not be reduced to a piece in their game. Even if it’s the Queen.

Children can’t do that. They’re unbelievably smart, but they almost never use other people as pawns in their little games. They’d rather throw a tantrum themselves, bring out the crocodile tears to make mummy croon. Maybe it’s because the heavy ominousity of karma hasn’t yet settled into their tiny little pores just yet. Maybe it just hasn’t driven the need to be better. More. Worthy deep into their bones until its infused with their DNA like most adults have.

After all of this, please don’t think I enjoyed the hug. I just. Didn’t feel awkward about why it was happening. It didn’t feel forced or hurried, instead just a simple flourish of human thanks.

I hope it catches.


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