I won’t be leaving much written here. Please excuse my absence from this blog. This update, right here, will be more of a photographic update of what I’ve been doing with my time when I should’ve been updating here, keeping you all from wondering where the hell

I’ve been.


Not even small things, like food or art around me. No, I’ve been collaging things from my Uni. In the beginning, it was about distracting myself from myself (those who’ve been following my posts know this about me already). Somehow, maybe due to the frequency at which I was doing it, it became a little more… aggressive. As one might say. Somewhere during the fifth and the tenth time I tried it, I fell deeply, deeply in love.

page4 b&w.jpgNow, before all you art critics get up on your high horses and start ripping my sanity to shreds,  I’d like to bring your attention to something. I already know it’s shit. I know I blend the wrong colours together and hide my mistakes in black and white hues. I know this. Anything you say will just fade into the background noise. I will forget you.

Now that I’ve had my two cents, have at it. Untitled-5.jpgpahe 8 b&w.jpg


page2 b&w.jpg

(I thought I’d spare you and only show a few. You can thank me later)