Quality time, Verbal affirmation, gift receiving, acts of service and physical touch. These five signifiers, of course, are very basic generalised assumptions of how you choose to show your love, based on the results of a quiz you can take just about anywhere online (If you’re interested I’ll link it below).

I’m one of those people who’s very practical. I see the world as a boring, grey canvas that sometimes, very rarely, dips into darker shades. Or maybe that’s just the light. I don’t know. I’m not an expert. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is this – I don’t dabble in online quizzes. I think they’re the plague and the easy way out for people who can’t really be fucked changing an unattractive element of their personality, or even trying to do so, because hey – my star sign/the latest Buzzfeed quiz said that’s just who I am. Get used to it. So when I found this quiz blinking on my screen you could say I surprised myself.

There are a total of 50 questions, ordered in the usual annoying as all hell way where they basically repeat the same 4 questions over and over again, only in a slightly different way in the hope that you somehow, won’t notice (spoiler; you do. Always). Anyhow, I trudged on.

Eventually, I got to click that big, taunting purple button and finished the quiz (hallelujah). Personally, I was surprised by the results. I scored the highest for Quality time (gag) and second highest for Physical Time. Which… Really surprised me.

I was prepared for the Quality time, as cringeworthy as that may be, but not Physical touch. You see, if you’d asked me yesterday for a hug I would’ve outright refused. Had you asked why, I would’ve responded with a simple, unoffencive, ‘sorry. I’m just not a hugger’, to which my friends would’ve all shrugged their shoulders and agreed to, muttering in the background as they always do. But this quiz really threw me for a new one. Made me question the past few months, years even.

You see, as a kid I really, REALLY loved hugs. Then I grew up, got tits and suddenly people wanted to hug me, chased me for it. I must say I was embarrassingly slow to realise why suddenly, the demand for hugs was higher than ever before. Only with the males, it seemed. After that, and a few personal developments, I’ve always been the one others would point to and go ‘don’t touch that one. she’ll take a finger.’ but see, the thing is that I miss it. I really, really miss it. And maybe this quiz was the lightbulb moment I needed to finally pull my head out of my arse and try to get my shit together.

Anyway, that’s me done with this little post. I hope this quiz helps (or at least entertains) some of you guys out there. Here’s the link